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Why We Need to Create

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I believe the need to create is deeply embedded into our DNA. At the very beginning of our journey as humans we had to create to survive. We had to come up with tools, find ways to communicate with each other, keep ourselves fed, warm, sheltered and loved. Not much has really changed. Now things are just a bit more complicated and fancy. Apartments and houses instead of caves, texting instead of speech, Online shopping instead of hunting and gathering, Instagram instead of cave painting.

The way we live today might seem so much easier, but really we still struggle with the same stuff just on a different level. We still have that need to create and express ourselves in us and it is not good to suppress it just because somebody might have an opinion about it or we are not Leonardo DaVinci. I don’t think any of our ancestors were wondering if a drawing looked good or if they would get any more likes or followers with it. They just did it to record their lives, tell a story and to fulfil a need to express themselves. Jean M. Auel wrote:

Art was as much in the activity as in the results. Works of art were not just the finished product, but the thought, the action, the process that created them.”

The process of creating becomes just as important as the result. I think sometimes that gets lost a little in our busy lives. We tend to be very much outcome oriented and forget to enjoy the process. That goes for any process really. Is there enjoyment in running to pick up your kid from school or picking up dry-cleaning? Well if you listen to your favourite song or audio book on the way or take time to feel the sun shining on your face as you walk along. Yes, there is a good chance it could be a little more enjoyable. We are not really used to creating these kinds of enjoyable small opportunities. It takes creativity to turn something negative into something positive, to find that spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

I think we can learn quite a lot from our cavemen and cavewomen ancestors. I sometimes catch myself thinking, how they would have solved some of the problems we have today. Why scroll on your phone looking at photos of other peoples happy lives when you can create your own happy life. Sometimes it sits right next to you ;-)

Our ancestors were a lot more primitive than us today but the point is they survived somehow otherwise we wouldn’t be here today. They survived by being creative and there we are again, creativity is awesome! It gives us a sense of purpose. I create, therefore I am. I solve the problem, I survive. I draw some tips on the cave wall, they will come in handy for someone else's survival. I love this idea of recording everyday life in a super simple way. Of course I turned it into a creative spark exercise. This one I used to do with my kids and we had a total blast. No I didn’t drag the entire family into a cave and made them paint the walls, we just used pen and paper, but it was just as much fun. Ok, yes we did it in a cave made out of blankets but you don’t have to do that.

Everyone can draw a stick figure and once you get started with a figure you can add all kinds of stuff to it and make it your own.

Here is creative spark #2

Let's light it up and take the stick figure challenge!

Remember the rules:

Just DO, don’t overthink

You can’t do anything wrong. Be as SILLY as possible

Have NO expectations

  1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen

  2. Draw a simple stick figure in the middle of the page. Circle head, stick body, legs and arms. Remember to draw the hips and shoulder girdle as horizontal lines and don’t forget the feet and hands

  3. Like this the figure looks very neutral. Try to add some things that make it into a man or a woman or boy or girl or whatever you can think of. Unicorn person, person wearing a dragon costume. Anything goes!

  4. When you are done with that draw another stick figure on the page, this time try to make it look like you. What could you add that makes it look like you? I let my kids decide what to add that makes it look like me. They had really funny suggestions. You can do it with a friend or spouse.

  5. Now that we have you on the page. Let’s think back to the cave paintings. What would you draw using a simple stick figure of yourself that you want future generations to know. Think life hacks, just showing what your job or hobby is, a piece of wisdom.

Remember the cave people didn’t think about the paintings artistic value they just did it and enjoyed it! AGAIN!

- Just DO, don’t overthink

- You can’t do anything wrong. Be as SILLY as possible

- Have NO expectations The extra little challenge is a little fun group project:

  1. Everyone in the group draws three squares onto a sheet of paper.

  2. Then everyone draws a different activity or scene using their stick-figure-self into each square. Don’t let the others see what you are drawing.

  3. Cut the squares out.

  4. Turn them all over and bring them together in the middle of the table

  5. Next mix them up and then go around the table. Starting with the tallest person picking a square turning it over, describing the scene (however it may be interpreted)

  6. Then move on to the next person to the right. This person has to pick a square and weave a story how the stick figure from the first square now lands in the situation on their square.

  7. Keep going around the table. There will be some crazy stories evolving. Keep it as light and funny as possible.

Cordi's Art and Creativity Book Club

Before you go here is another wonderful book about creating I want to share with you.

It is called “The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Artist You Truly Are” by Danny Gregory. I absolutely love this book. It has some beautiful artwork in it and is really motivating and funny. Empowering you to embrace your creativity and not stay creatively constipated.

If I got you all fired up to get creative you can download my FREE Art kits here. They have a little bit of everything for you to create beautiful cards, scrapbooks or art to hang on your wall.

You can take a look at them here.

Catch you next week for another creative spark!

Keep flexing those creative muscles!


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