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How to take a 10 Minute Creative Holiday

Recharge your energy with some doodling. Here is a little inspiration for you!

Make time for playtime

Did you know that adding a creative hobby to your life has the potential to improve your health? Adding creativity to your life is a wonderful way to release stress and get your mind off all the drama in the world for just a little while. Stress and tensions can cause all kinds of unwelcome symptoms, like tension headaches or poor sleep. In order to feel some release from our stresses a small injections of creativity each day can already do the trick.

I have the smallest creative injection possible for you. It requires only 10 minutes of your time. My creative sparks are inspired by the drawing challenges I do at home with my family to keep us entertained without staring at a screen. A short 10 minute creative break can already be enough to put a smile on your face and send your mind on a little mini holiday.

All you have to do is make the decision to spend 10 minutes doodling with me instead of scrolling around on social media. Allow yourself to have 10 minutes of playtime. Just love the process without thinking about the outcome. Taking these little 10 minute creative holidays had a huge impact on our overall well being and mood. When I introduced them to my family routine we laughed a lot more together and everyone started sharing their ideas. We always ended up spending time doodling and creating for more than 10 minutes. Going in the activity with just 10 minutes made it so easy to get started.

I haven’t conducted any scientific experiments on a large scale, only on my kids and family but it is safe to say that it has improved our family life. Making time for a creative challenge added lots of extra fun and laughs to our day. I think we can never have enough of that :-) But you don’t have to have company to be creative. Doodling is fun just by yourself as well and has the same stress relieving effects.

So here is my creative spark #3

Let’s light it up with some happy dooooodling!

Here are the rules:

Just DO, don’t overthink

You can’t do anything wrong. Be as SILLY as possible

Have NO expectations

I find the easiest way to get started is with having something on the page already, so I prepared some sheets for you to choose from. But you an also use a piece of paper with coffee stains on it :-)

Ready - Set - Doodle

  • Pick one of the sheets you see on the left and print it out.

You can download them here

  • With your pen start adding to the picture

  • Maybe you see some cheeky faces in the shapes on the page or animals or other objects. When I did this with my family we all saw something different to get started with.

  • You can also just decorate the shapes with whatever comes to mind. Keeping it abstract

  • One of your favourite things to do was just draw eyes, mouth and nose into the shapes then they all of a sudden turned into personalities started appearing

EXTRA tips:

  • Instead of using a black pen use a white pen or both together to add to your doodle

  • take a piece of tracing paper and only trace around the shapes and create a new doodle from that

  • cut the shapes out and use them to create a collage. Make a doodle with the new shapes :-)

  • use a digital drawing program to play with the shapes.


- Just DO, don’t overthink

- You can’t do anything wrong. Be as SILLY as possible

- Have NO expectations

Here are a few examples to inspire you!

Cordi's Art and Creativity Book Club

Before you go, here is a wonderful book on creativity I want share with you.

It is called “Creativity on Demand: How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire of Genius" by Michael J. Gelb, Ken Robinson. Creativity is not something only certain people are gifted with, but something we all have access to. All we need to do is let it in and allow it to flow. There are many names for creative energy in different cultures but in the end it is all the same.

I believe every person has their very own way of tapping into their creative energy. In this book Michael Gelb leads you through his approach. I really enjoyed it. It's a fantastic read for anyone who is interested in how to tap into their very own creative energy.

If you are all fired up to get creative now you can download my FREE Art kits here. They have a little bit of everything for you to create beautiful cards, scrapbooks or art to hang on your wall.

You can take a look at them here.

See you soon for another creative spark!

Keep flexing those creative muscles!


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