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How to Create a Valentine's Card in 10 Minutes

Updated: Feb 16

With this FREE printable art you can add an individual touch to your Valentine's gift or use it to remember the day in your scrapbook. Love is the best feeling in the world. It comes in all shapes and sizes but on Valentine's day we celebrate the romantic kind. If you are in love and have a valentine to kiss that is awesome. But if you are single this Valentine's day you can use this art to start dreaming. Create an journal entry about what you wish your next Valentine's day should look like. Dream it all up in your mind and put it down on paper together with my art. You can even create a piece of wall art to frame or stick to your bathroom mirror to remind you that love is on the way to you.

Let my art remind you every day that you are ready for your love story to begin.

Here is one suggestion on how to use my resources. There are many different ways on how you can combine the backgrounds and images. Enjoy the process and immerse yourself in the process.


  1. The Printable Kit DOWNLOAD HERE

  2. Plain white A5 Card

  3. Glue stick

  4. Scissors

  5. Optional: Markers, watercolour, coloured pencil

STEP 1: Colour in

This step is optional. You can add your own colour with whatever medium you love. If you feel really glamorous add some glitter. There are plenty of choices of glitter glue or loose glitter available. A really fun way to add glitter are glitter gel pens.

STEP 2: Cut out

Centre the couple on our card. If you do this on a dark background you can easily see the edges of the card through the printer paper. The idea is to have the entire cover surface covered.

Another option is to just cut out the lovely couple with a small pair of scissors to get into the detail.

STEP 3: Choose a pattern sheet

I have included to pattern sheets in my download but you can choose whatever you like e.g. the wrapping paper your Valentine wrapped the gift in, newspaper of the day, note paper or a brown paper bag.

STEP 4: Tear it

Tear an arch into your paper that is wide enough to span across your couple. The more frayed the paper is the better. For a fuzzy effect you can drop a little water on the area you can to tear. Make sure to let it dry afterwards.

STEP 5: Glue it

Place one arch at the top of the card and the corresponding one at the bottom. Glue both of them in place when you are happy with the result.

STEP 6: Trim it

Turn the card over and cut away the access pattern paper along the edge of the card. Again, if you put the work on a dark background you can clearly see the edges.

STEP 7: Decorate it

Time to add some extra decorations. I included a sheet with different ornaments in the download but you can also use pieces of the pattern paper. This is also a great stage to go nuts with glitter or even fancier maybe add some Rhine stones.

STEP 8: Add a sentiment

This step is also up to you. If you are happy with what you created:


You are awesome :-)

In case you feel like adding some words I included some sentiments for you to choose from.

STEP 9: Add your sentiment

Last step in the process. Cut out your sentiment and glue it on the card.

Whatever you do with your creation. Give it away, keep it in a scrapbook or hang it on your wall. Remember you are special and loved for who you are, warts and all :-) especially if you are single this Valentine's day. Your love is on the way to you.

Keep dreaming and stay true to yourself! You are one of a kind, extra special and you will make someone incredibly happy for just being YOU!

Cordi's Art and Creativity Book Club

Before you go, here is a wonderful book I want share with you.

In case you feel like giving drawing a go and can highly recommend Drawing on the right side of the brain to you.

It is the best book to get you started on thinking creatively and creating mind blowing results. The ability to draw is not something you are born with. Yes, some people might get a head start but it all lies in the practice. The more you practice your hand eye coordination and learn to switch to creative side of our brain you will make progress for sure. Just give it a go.

See you soon for another creative spark! Keep flexing those creative muscles!


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