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Create a Groovy Greeting Card in Under 10 Minutes

Updated: Feb 16

It's great that we can connect and communicate so easily with each other via messaging or email but I have to admit my heart lights up when I find a card or a letter in my mailbox. Especially during lock-down. I received quite a few letters and cards from sweet friends who enjoyed the fact that they have time to write a letter or create a postcard or greeting card.

We are still in lock down here in the UK, so I decided to design a card making kit that you can use to put a smile on your loved ones faces. In this difficult time I remind myself often to take it easy, go with the flow and have more of a enjoy "the here and now" approach to life. If you like you can read a little more about how this relates to my hippie friend here.

I doodled my hippie friend into my journal one morning and he made me laugh so I hope he will make you laugh too. Here is how you can create a quick card in a few short steps:

Here is what you will need

  1. The Printable Kit DOWNLOAD HERE

  2. Plain white A5 Card

  3. Glue stick

  4. Scissors

  5. optional: tissue paper

STEP 1: Colour in

You can use my pre coloured image or get creative and colour in your own version. Feel free to use whatever colours you like. You even be super fancy and trace the image onto some watercolour paper and breathe some life into the character with watercolour texture.

STEP 2: Cut him out

Next cut out the image. You can cut roughly around the shape and leave some white showing. If you are not a fan of that find yourself some smaller scissors and cut carefully along the edges.

STEP 3: Choose a background

Choose one of the backgrounds included in the kit. I chose the lights background for this card but you can pick whatever you fall in love with or even create your own.

Tip 1: Use newspaper as a background

Tip2: Apply the glue to the card and stick the card onto the background. Trim the edges to fit the background to the card.

STEP 4: Choose a message

Now choose a message for your card. You can pick one of mine or write your own. Cut the speech bubble out.

You are almost don!

STEP 5: Assemble the pieces

Add the character and speech bubble to the card in a way that looks right to you and glue them into place.

You can use the card like this or add a little super cheesy gimmick :-)

Extra STEP 1: Add some grass or carpet (depending on the colour of paper you have)

Cut some straight lines into your tissue paper. If you like you can create two layers of this.

Glue the tissue paper onto the bottom of the card. You can even trip the grass a little so you can see our hippie friends feet and it looks like he is sitting in it.

If you don't have green paper at hand use any colour you have and it will look like a magic carpet.

Extra STEP 2: Add a flower flourish

You will find a sheet with some flower designs in the kit. You can use it to add a little flower power to the card or make a new one all together.

I hope you will have lots of fun creating!

Cordi's Art and Creativity Book Club

Before you go, here is a wonderful book on creativity I want share with you.

I came across the Ultimate Paper Craft Bible way back when we were still able to go to book stores.

I absolutely love it!

It is full of techniques and inspiration to fill your scrapbooks, journals and more. I love just flipping through it and getting ideas of what to create next.

If you are all fired up to get creative now you can download my FREE Art kits here. They have a little bit of everything for you to create beautiful cards, scrapbooks or art to hang on your wall.

See you soon for another creative spark!

Keep flexing those creative muscles! Cordi #inspiration #creativity #cardmaking #takeabreak #creativeholiday #scrapbooking #journaling #freedigistamp #digistamp #hippiedigistamp #printableart #artsandcrafts

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