Hi my name is Cordi and thank you so much for stopping by my website. 

I am in love with creativity!

On a shopping trip a card-making magazine accidentally

landed in my hands and flipping through it I fell in love

with all the beautiful creations.


So much creativity!


People sharing their techniques, artwork, and finished

products I loved it so much that I ended up buying

the magazine. 


The idea of contributing to this awesome community was stuck in my head. So I came up with the idea to create some bits and pieces that card makers and scrapbookers can use for their project.

I offer these as well as my printable art pieces with motivational messages for every day in my Etsy store. Click here to visit my store 


I hope I can inspire you with my art and light up a spark of creativity and curiosity in you to create art that you love sharing. I would love to see your projects so let’s keep in touch via social media. 

You can tag me on Instagram @loveartbycordi and Facebook @loveartbycordi

Stay creative and curious!



The artwork in the FREE download is intended for personal use only and cannot be shared, redistributed, or used for commercial purposes. Thank you!
All artwork © Copyright 2020 Cordula Neckermann

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